There is a place
like membership
where all the flavors shine.

It starts with you
my rescue, my rush
my ice cream in this world.

Vendor Interview: Bedfellows


A new interview with our friends at Philalalia is up on their website!

in which we talk in unison 

I’d eat the goddamn last sweat pore of you
I’d eat yr teethbones. in the end, a new poetic
body gulped whole, undigested
subjectivity and the chaos of it, then the shape
and the sound of your name carved into me.

it’s hard to say
before it
happens to rain
synonyms and moisture,
hands and hips
like the best version of every Saturday,

I don’t have feelings. I’m in love with you and I’m
writing poems for you. I write these poems and put
your name on them because I feel like you should
probably know how much I think about you but I
can’t even say it to you directly. I mean, I say all the
time, but not directly, like everything I do, and
showing you these poems is kind of a cop out but I
feel like that is how I have to do it. Maybe call in sick

Kisses will shrink me
in every way possible.
I’m miniscule, looking
for tasseled loafers
of anorectic dreams.

– Nicole Steinberg, from “Leading Men Age, But Their Love Interests Don’t,” bedfellows broadside II for Philalalia (via bedfellowsmagazine)